Vodafone One Net Business seamlessly integrate your landlines and mobiles

Vodafone One Net Business integrates your mobiles with the landlines you already have. So whichever number your customers call your employees can answer whether they are at their desks or out of the office helping you to deliver a better way of working.

vodafone one net bussines

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  • Your employees can manage calls in and out of the office, and they have just one voice mail
  • No charges for diverting between your mobile and your Vodafone One Net number
  • Use features like Hunt Group and Call Transfer on your mobiles
  • Puts all your voice messages in one place
  • Link multiple offices on One Net and get seamless call features across all your sites
  • A flexible solution that grows with your business
  • Online system to manage your calls features 24/7
  • Keep it simple with one bill, one contract and one supplier

Case Studies

See how Vodafone One Net Business has helped medium businesses find better ways of working.