Ethernet VPN


If your business operates across several locations, has important applications hosted in different places, or has more than one main site or head office, our Ethernet Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution is ideal for your needs. It offers a Wide Area Networking (WAN) solution that is cost-effective and can flexibly accommodate changes to your business, such as location moves, new sites and applications, or new people. Unlike legacy systems including leased lines, or other point-to-point Ethernet services, it enables a user or device at any site to directly access a device on another site without having to pass through a central point.

You can also quickly increase the bandwidth at any site by choosing to ‘flex’ at short notice – this simply means your bandwidth is increased to what you need right now, in increments from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, without the expense of over-specification just in case you need more in the future. The change is permanent until you choose to flex your bandwidth again. Our Team of experts are available 24/7 to provide advice and support whenever you need it.


  • Flexible bandwidth – choose to ‘flex’ your bandwidth at any site or location to support the changing demands of your business
  • Fully scalable to your needs – a highly scalable solution so you can connect all your people and locations to the same network
  • Business continuity – with our highly resilient MPLS network, we will keep your business connected with a range of resilience options, such as dual access paths and geographic diversity, minimising the risk of any downtime
  • Stay in control – remains within your control in terms of visibility, configuration and management

Technical features

  • 3 Classes of Service: Standard, Premium and Enhanced
  • Burst capability on Standard and Enhanced Bandwidths
  • Mixture of Classes of Service per virtual circuit
  • VLAN tagging for logical circuit separation
  • Choice of 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet access to suit different sizes of site
  • 256 MAC addresses per site as standard
  • Any to any connectivity


What do you mean by “flexible bandwidth”

You can start with a circuit between your sites at 4Mb and then have it increased as your needs grow. This can be done quickly with no charge other than for the additional bandwidth.

Am I charged whenever I burst?

No. You simply pay a small extra charge to have the right to burst at any time.

Can I mix different types of data traffic on the same access?

Yes, you can send all types of traffic together. Three levels of Class of Service are available should you wish to prioritise your time critical applications (like Voice) over internet browsing and email.


Limited Offer*

FREE install when you buy Ethernet VPN.
*Offer is based on signing a 3 year contract.