Call Control Plus


If you have home and mobile workers, a distributed workforce, or are facing an incident where your staff can’t get into the office, then quickly and easily re-routing calls to make sure your lines always get answered can be a major headache.

Call Control Plus is a comprehensive solution for cloud-based geographic and non-geographic number management, delivering genuine business agility. It enables you to manage your call routing instantly with just a few mouse clicks, and easily create out-of-hours schedules and advanced IVR services for your numbers.

Our expertise in voice allows you to leave behind the restrictions geographic numbers imposed on your business and forget about long delays while your numbers are re-routed. And you can rest assured that if disaster strikes and your employees can’t reach their desks, your business keeps calm and carries on.



  • Gain complete control over your inbound geographic and non-geographic numbers and increase the reach of your business
  • Keep your existing numbers and manage them seamlessly alongside the deployment of new ones
  • Group your numbers according to the relevant department and assign descriptive names to each number or number group, boosting organisational efficiency
  • Route different services to a single number but still see which individual service the caller originally dialled, increasing agility but maintaining transparency
  • Save time and resources in managing your communications, as all changes you make come into effect instantly on the Call Control Plus platform
  • Intelligent call routing lets you connect multiple branches, remote workforces or home-based workers with just a few clicks, resulting in integrated and easily accessible lines of communication
  • One-click disaster recovery instantly routes numbers to an alternative destination in emergency scenarios, saving your business from loss of reputation and revenue and meaning you never miss a call
  • Optimise your inbound call services with efficient recording and voicemail services, to improve customer service
  • Establish routing plans for opening hours, and apply ‘out-of-hours’ schedules and advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services for your numbers, making inbound call handling as efficient as possible


Technical features

Geographic and Non Geographic Numbers

  • Call Control Plus allows you to purchase any available geographic number or a range of numbers, as well as porting your existing numbers. You can also view and purchase non-geographical numbers which can help your business to compete on a national scale.

Number Management Interface

  • As easily accessible interface means you can quickly organise different lines for different services. You can also deploy revenue generating 087X numbers for key services such as customer services or technical support.

Call Routing

  • Experience complete control over your number destination mapping with flexible routing criteria that means your inbound calls can be routed to any destination, or even to a variety of destinations, depending on the time of day, day of the week or your customer’s IVR responses.

PBX Routing

  • Forward your onward routed inbound calls to any of your access numbers to your PBX infrastructure and handle calls internally.

Full Integration

  • Route calls over your THUS SIP Trunks or to advanced hosted IP voice services.

Disaster Recovery

  • Take further advantages of STORM’s capabilities for call routing and ensure that your communications network always has a valid backup plan. By providing disaster recovery in the cloud, Call Control Plus allows you to configure a secondary or emergency routing plan for each number or number group which will redirect callers to an alternative destination if and when required.

Version Control

  • Protect your business from any errors that may occur when creating IVRs. With version control you will always be able to refer to an earlier functioning version.

Bulk Upload

  • Mass upload changes to primary and disaster recovery destination numbers.

Advanced Features

  • IVR Interactive Voice Response establishes a logical and easy to use front end menu system that enables the individual customer to make the right selections and be effectively routed to their choice of department or service.

Service Builder

  • The service builder is a powerful design tool operated by a simple drag-and-drop interface which allows you to create customised call flows. It also helps you develop more complicated IVR menus if required.

Call Recording

  • Whether it’s for compliance, quality assurance or training purposes, Call Recording compiles a comprehensive, structured and organised record of your call activity.

Whisper Prompting

  • Whisper Prompting provides a short prompt played to the recipient before the caller is connected, to indicate the number the customer called, or the menu button pressed.

Number Grouping

  • Use the versatile Number Management Interface to group numbers according to location or department, and assign descriptive names to numbers and number groups.

Number Mapping and Routing Plans

  • Map your inbound numbers to any destination, and map multiple numbers to a single DDI (direct dial-in), complete with a configurable ‘whisper’ prompt to confirm which service the caller has dialled. Create pre-determined routing plans which can redirect to any DDI or IVR service.

Time of Day / Date Routing

  • Handle out-of-hours calls automatically by establishing routing to an appropriate IVR and voice recording service.

Reporting Dashboard

  • Call Control Plus allows you to create historical reports which provide detailed information as bar charts, pie charts, gauges or tables. These can be generated automatically and ten exported by email or by FTP. Furthermore, as a purchasable licensed extra, the dashboard can allow you to monitor every aspect of your inbound voice services in real-time. You can view up-to-the-second reports, such as call count to each access number, the current call volume and the average and total duration of calls.




Can I keep my existing number?

Yes. With Call Control Plus you have complete flexibility to provision new geographic and non-geographic numbers and manage them alongside existing ones.

Will I have to call you if I need to make changes to my service (for example, re-routing numbers)?

No. Call Control Plus lets you easily and quickly re-route numbers without having to go through your service provider.

How can you guarantee service continuity?

Call Control Plus comes with built in disaster recovery routing that can be activated remotely from any location, via IVR or through the secure web-based portal. The STORM platform’s dual sited redundant architecture and built-in secondary routing capabilities ensure 99.999% availability.

Can I centrally manage numbers/call recordings/IVR services across disparate PBXs at different physical site locations?

Yes. Call Control Plus lets you manage all your services centrally through secure web-based interfaces.

What reporting tools does Call Control Plus come with?

Call Control Plus closely monitors voice traffic across your entire estate and lets you gather up-to-date information with ease, as well as viewing customisable historical reports.